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Are you doing as much harm to your home as good when you clean it? Are you slowly poisoning your family, your pets or your plants? Have you ever actually read what some companies call “Earth Friendly Cleaners?” Many commercial products, even those that claim to be Eco-friendly, still contain harmful petroleum based products. This site is dedicated to providing information to help you clean your home, control pests and other nuisances but do it without poisoning yourself or those you love. Submissions of your tips are welcome. If we all work together, we can save Mother Earth, save some money and leave the world a better place. Thank you. Aliyah & Daliyah


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No warrenties or guarantees are provided regarding any of these recipes or cleaning tips. Use your own common sense and best judgement. Double check anything you have concerns about with other resources. Practice safe cleaning tips including always where gloves (may be safe, but vinegar still is not pleasent when it comes in contact with skin repeatedly.

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